Are you curious about the hype around magic mushroom edibles in 2023? Here’s a surprising fact: psychedelic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms,’ are finding their way into Shroom bars by Chocolate Magique dispensaries in California. 

This blog post will demystify this trend, addressing the concerns and regulatory issues of these new edible treats. Get ready to dive into the world of shroom-infused goodies! 

Key Takeaways 

  • Magic mushroom edibles are openly sold in cannabis dispensaries in California in 2023. 
  •  State lawmakers are considering decriminalizing magic mushrooms, which could lead to wider availability and sales. 
  •  Concerns surrounding magic mushroom edibles include risks to children, potential for abuse and misuse, and challenges regarding legality and regulation. 

The Status of Magic Mushrooms in California in 2023 

Cannabis dispensaries in California openly sell magic mushrooms, and state lawmakers are considering decriminalization. 

Dispensaries openly selling magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom edibles have started to carve out a spot in the grey market, with some dispensaries offering them over the counter in 2023. The decriminalization of these psychedelic substances has led to an increase in stores boldly presenting psilocybin-infused sweets and tinctures among their offerings. 

Enthusiasts attest to the appeal of these magic mushrooms due not only to their hallucinogenic effects but also because they are plant-based products. This significant shift can be attributed partly to legislative acts pressed by advocates and investors interested in exploring the potential benefits of mental health therapies. 

However, it’s important to note that while this may seem like progress for some, it opens up a whole new set of concerns related to misuse, abuse, and accidental ingestion by children. 

Consideration of decriminalization by state lawmakers 

State lawmakers in California are currently considering the decriminalization of magic mushrooms. This move would be a significant shift from the current criminal penalties for possessing or selling psychedelic mushrooms. 

Advocates and investors in the psychedelic industry have been pushing for this legislative act, arguing that plant-derived substances like Psilocybin should be treated differently from other hallucinogenic substances. 

If decriminalized, cannabis dispensaries might begin openly selling magic mushrooms, and grey-market psilocybin sweets could become more readily available. The potential impact of such a decision has sparked both excitement and concern among proponents and critics alike. 

Concerns and Controversies Surrounding Magic Mushroom Edibles 

Magic Mushroom Edibles raise concerns due to their potential risks to unsuspecting children, the potential for abuse and misuse, and legality and regulation issues surrounding their production and distribution. 

Risks to unsuspecting children 

Parents and caregivers must be aware of the risks that magic mushroom edibles can pose to unsuspecting children. These edibles are often made to resemble ordinary candies or snacks, making them appealing to young children who may mistake them for regular treats. 

Ingesting these psychedelic substances can have serious consequences for a child’s health and well-being. Therefore, it is essential for adults to securely store these products out of reach and educate children about the potential dangers associated with consuming unknown food items. 

Vigilance and responsible consumption practices are crucial to preventing harmful incidents involving magic mushroom edibles and children. 

Potential for abuse and misuse 

Advocates and investors are excited about the potential for magic mushroom edibles in 2023, but there are concerns about their abuse and misuse. It’s essential to recognize that hallucinogenic substances like Psilocybin can be dangerous if taken irresponsibly or in excessive amounts. 

With the availability of these products at cannabis dispensaries, there is a risk that they could fall into the wrong hands or be consumed by unsuspecting children. Additionally, the grey market for psilocybin sweets raises questions about quality control and dosage consistency. 

As lawmakers consider decriminalization, addressing these potential issues with strict regulations becomes crucial to ensure the safe use of magic mushroom edibles. 

Legality and regulation issues 

States across the nation are grappling with the legality and regulation surrounding magic mushrooms. In 2023, many states, including California, are scrutinizing the use and distribution of these hallucinogenic substances. 

There is a lack of clarity regarding the legal status of magic mushroom edibles. State lawmakers are considering decriminalization acts to address these concerns. However, various challenges remain, including potential risks to children and issues related to abuse and misuse. 


In 2023, California’s landscape of magic mushroom edibles will undergo significant changes. Cannabis dispensaries now openly sell these hallucinogenic treats while state lawmakers consider decriminalization. 

However, concerns remain about the risks to unsuspecting children and the potential misuse of these products. It is an evolving market with legal and regulatory issues still being addressed. 


1. What are Magic Mushroom Edibles in 2023? 

Magic Mushroom Edibles 2023 refers to psilocybin-infused culinary products like tinctures, snacks, and other edibles made from mushroom-based substances. 

2. Are Magic Mushroom Edibles decriminalized? 

The legislative act for psilocybin services and drug decriminalization vary by place, indicating that magic mushroom edibles’ legality may differ. 

3. Are any risks to kids associated with Magic Mushroom Edibles in 2023? 

Yes, as plant-derived substances with psychoactive properties, these entheogenic food items pose potential risks to kids if accidentally ingested. 

4. How is the Psychedelic culinary trend influencing the creation of new products? 

The psychedelic culinary trend fueled a rise in magical mushroom-infused edibles and mushroom-based snacks hitting the market due to increased interest in psychedelics. 

5. Can all kinds of edible mushrooms be used to make these products?  

No! Only specific types of psychedelic mushrooms containing Psilocybin can be used for making psychedelic mushroom treats or psilocybin-containing foodstuffs. 

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