Main Disadvantages Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction are major problems in the US. The problem is increasing day in and day out and increasing the demand for rehabilitation centres. Unfortunately, the sober homes are largely unregulated and most of them are driven by profits. There is also marketers who have realized that the rehab industry is huge and are using all unethical means to ensure that they recruit people to join the rehab programs. The rehab programs pay the marketers dearly when they bring business. The alcohol industry has real gone low in terms of observance of ethical practices to the extent that it sees patients as commodities for trade. This article explores the main disadvantage of joining an alcohol rehab program.

  • Lack of freedom-While at the rehabilitation centre, your movements are controlled and freedom curtailed. In case you have a compelling reason why you may want to move out, you are required to go with a rehab employee.
  • Adherence to rehab program-When you join the rehabilitation program, you must adhere to a highly structured program. There is a time to wake up, wash, eat and attending the counselling sessions.
  • Jobs-In case you want to join the program, you must seek for leave from your employer.
  • Child care-In case you have a child, you need to organize for childcare while you?re attending the rehab programs.

    This not a good option for many moms as they do not like staying far from their children.

  • Insurance coverage-Most insurance companies are only able to cover for your outpatient. This means that if you require a residential program, you must be ready to pay from your pocket which may be expensive.
  • Not customized for the individual-In order for any rehab program to be of huge positive impact to the patients, it must be individualized to the personal needs of each client. When you evaluate the programs offered at the alcohol rehab centres , they are general and target all the patients. This means that individual unique needs are not taken into consideration which makes the program?s impact to an individual less that anticipated. At the end of the program, the patient may not have gained a lot and may want to move to another home where the same treatments as that found in the first sober home may obtain.
  • Poor success rate– The program success rate at these rehab centres is very low. This is mainly attributable to the fact that these homes are not regulated and their main intention is to make profit from the patients. They do not offer the patient personalized attention and services. The patient either ends up coming back again to the facility or going to another rehab.