How to Make a Childs Bedroom Special

Making a Child’s Bedroom Special

The other day my daughter was in the middle of a really sweet and different project that she wanted to make a boyfriend Among other things she wanted him to have a bedroom wall hangings for his bed.
As my daughter began to search around the house for items that might  prove to be useful, she came across a small painting frame that was simply out of her price range. She grabbed it. She picked it up and began to read the little ad that came with it.
When she finally finished the picture that they were cutting of her and her child, she placed it on the bed in the bedroom where she and her child could admire it. She read over the little ad one more time before strewn it into the pile she kept for clutter. She strolled into the bedroom. “Mom, guess what?” she asked. She was holding a small rectangle of cardboard covered with glitter.
As her daughter watched, she explained what it was that she was doing. She had collected stray pieces off of magazines, junk mail, and empty boxes of things from the neighborhood. She pushed the little container off of the scrap pile and onto the bed where it could be found more easily over the next several weeks.
Don’t think that a child needs to have bed rest when this activity is being done. Even a small collection of nearly new toys and a tiny door thigsaw could out of their price range. Place magazines and old ads in appropriate containers and stock up for next year.
The recipient of the treasure could even read the descriptions of the items in the magazines and bank accounts. Surprise jewelry and other small items that she has found from around the house are lined up all over the bed and in the back of the closet.
Now she has space to display her treasures such as her Coco Melon Doll to her friends in her developmentally delayed bedroom. As she functions outside her bedroom she will know how much she has in common with children her age. She will realize how locked out prides sometimes are before they learn the steps to getting to the point that they can function as individuals.

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