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Welcome into Lilletta's Website!

:: english :: Hi there, my name is Elisabetta, alias Lilletta or simply Lilly; welcome to my site dedicated to Cosplay! Here you can find the photos of the costumes I made, informations about their making of and the gallery of the Group I do Cosplay with. [read italian version]

What Cosplay is?

:: english :: Cosplay ? One of the frequently asked question which are made when the word “Cosplay” is heard is: “Okay, what is this Cosplay?” Cosplay is the contraction of two words: Costume and Playing.
In few years it become bigger ad bigger and it spread all over the world; Cosplay is the “art” of creating clothes, weapons and object inspired to the characters of manga, anime, games or movies. This creations are usually done by hand by the Cosplayers, who put hart and soul into them and very often is not an easy job, since lots of the costumes are complicated and hard to make.
To become a Cosplayer, there’s no need to obtain a permission: when a person decides to create a costume, it become a Cosplayer. The moments to show the results of their efforts are the convention that took place all over the world. During this conventions there is quite always a Cosplay competition To define Cosplay a simple Halloween’s continuation would be an error, since the spirit that is behind is totally different. [read italian version]