Lillettaenglish When people have to introduce themselves, things always get difficult, or, at least, that’s what happens to me because it’s not so clear where to begin… Well, first of all I present myself: my name is Elisabetta, and I've graduated from university here in Milan.
I've published two books (italian language) that you can find here:

- "Requiem" on AMAZON and EPUBBLICA
- "Forgotten Tales" on AMAZON and ULTIMA BOOKS

Till few time ago, I was a girl like the others, who lived a normal life. I don’t know why or how, but Cosplay entered in my life and become one of my greatest interest… For those who don’t know anything about Cosplay, it’s the art of wearing as the characters of anime, manga, videogames or movies. According to me Cosplay means entering in a new world, and traces of this passion can be found in our childhood, when we personified our favourite cartoon’s characters for Halloween or other events…Right?

For me everything started when, while searching among my clothes, I found a skirt which looked exactly like the one worn by Yuna in FFX, and I though “This would be perfect for a costume…” This idea was getting more and more interesting and from a simple thing a great passion was born. But I would never be able to enter this world without the precious help of my family: my mom, responsible Lillettaof the cloths and my father, maker of weapons and objects… Because Cosplay is also a team work.

At my first convention, at Quarkhotel 2004, I knew a world seen only in some photos on internet. I entered a world in which I met lots of wonderful people. What can you need more? And this is all that can be known about this passion of mine. My biographical information are easier to list; I was born the 18 th of February 1984, in Milan, where I live nowadays. After being graduated at the High School, in which I studied foreign languages, I graduated from University. Among my interests can be mentioned the idea of being movie’s director and a writer (since I have written lots of works…).
To conclude, I leave you with a Shakespearian’s phrase:

“I consider life for what it is: a stage where everyone has to play his part”

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